How to Apply Ceramic Coating: A Comprehensive Guide for Car Enthusiasts

Ceramic Coating, The Process Of Applying A ceramic Coating On The Car.

Hello, car enthusiasts! Here at AutoCore Customs, we understand your passion for your ride. Perfection is the language we speak, and today, we will guide you down the path of that perfection with a comprehensive explanation of ceramic coating application.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Before diving into its application process, let’s first demystify what ceramic coating is. Essentially, it’s a liquid polymer derived from natural silica that, once applied & cured, forms a hardened shield on your car’s exterior. 

This shield is resistant to UV damage, micro scratches, extreme weather, road grime & chemical substances and gifts a long-lasting and unparalleled glow to your vehicle’s paintwork. Now that you know what it is & the prime perks it offers, let’s get into the nuts & bolts of applying it.

Step 1: Prepping Your Car’s Surface

Perfect application of ceramic coating starts with flawless cleaning. You aim to remove dust, grit, or dirt clinging to your car’s surface. Ideally, initiating the activity with a thorough wash is essential, using a two-bucket method to prevent swirl marks or scratches.

Make sure to rinse all soap off & dry your car fully post-wash. A clay bar serves as a godsend tool for deep cleaning purposes. Pulling out embedded contaminants leaves the paintwork incredibly smooth, quintessential for the ceramic coating to bind well.

Step 2: The All-important Polishing

Once your car is cleaned, it’s time to polish. This step focuses on eradicating minor scratches, swirls, and paint defects that might become noticeable after ceramic coating application. Using a good-quality compound and a polishing machine, meticulously buff every square inch of paintwork.

Car enthusiasts often follow a two-stage polishing process, which includes compounding and polishing. Compounding is intense and targets stubborn scratches. Subsequently, a less intense polish refines the paintwork, readying it for the ceramic coating.

Step 3: Prepping for Coating

After polishing, the focus shifts to eliminating remnant compounds. A meticulously cleaned car ensures superior bonding of the ceramic coating. An alcohol-based solution does the trick here. It strips away the residual polish compound, silicone, and waxes while leaving behind a squeaky-clean surface.

Step 4: The Art of Applying Ceramic Coating

Now comes the most awaited part – applying the ceramic coating. Place a small volume of the ceramic solution onto an applicator pad and spread the solution on the car’s panels where you want to apply the ceramic coating. 

For newcomers, starting from a small section before moving to other parts is advisable. Embrace a slow, controlled motion and ensure you’re laying a thin, level coating.

The best practice is to use a cross-hatch method- swipe left-to-right, followed by an up-and-down motion- to ensure even product distribution.

Step 5: Patience with Curing

Once you’ve done your part of the application, it’s time to let the coating cure. The curing time is generally 24-48 hours, depending on product instructions. Shun the urge to touch or buff the surface during this period. 

Also, stow your freshly coated car in a temperature-controlled and dust-free vicinity to prevent dust particles from compromising the curing process and finish.

Step 6: Final Inspection

Post-curing, you want to take advantage of the essential step- inspection. Good lighting is key as it will help you spot areas that may have been overlooked or where the coating may be uneven. If any high spots are found, lightly buff them out with a microfiber cloth.

Following the proper process indeed gives you a delightful result. The captivating glossy finish, however, might need proper care to last longer. We recommend avoiding automatic car washes, instead sticking to hand washing using PH-neutral soaps & using microfiber towels to dry. 


Note the first week after application is pivotal for the longevity of the ceramic coating.

At AutoCore Customs, applying ceramic coating might sound like a responsible task and require a certain level of expertise. And that’s why we’re here to offload this task on us without any hesitation. Just call us, and we’ll get your car sparkle in no time!

Spruce up your car’s look, give it a robust shield to defy external odds and let it speak the language of perfection. Make the right choice for your vehicle today because it deserves the best! Stay tuned for more valuable insights & keep pampering your cars!